NW Filing are a contract blending, filling and packing company specialising in the areas of personal care, toiletries and cleaning products. We strive to deliver a quality service to our customers no matter how big or small the job is. From a full product design to simply filling, NW Filling provides a reliable service with an exceptional outcome.

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We take great pride in providing our customers with high quality toiletry and personal care products.

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We know affordability is paramount which is why we make sure our prices always remain fair and competitive.

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We offer a wide variety of products and services. Some of which include….

Our Products

These are some of our most popular products… 

Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol

70% alcohol, fresh smelling cleansing gel that comes in sizes ranging from 50ml-5ltrs. ​

Nimble Sticky Stopper

Sold in major supermarkets and online, Nimble Stick Stopper is a bleach and fragrance free antibacterial cleaner spray designed to clean surfaces and toys for babies. This plant based antibacterial spray kills 99.9% of germs.

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